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Project Description
A WinForms based frontend application for launching emulators.
Works with MAME and many other emulators.
Configurable game list, launch options, key bindings and appearance settings.
Uses .NET 4.0 - Visual Studio 2010.

Now superseded by:

Game List View

Project Information
This is a simple frontend for emulators that supports a wide variety of emulators.
Game data is stored in XML format and you can specify many options for launching an emulator or other process.
The frontend uses a global keyboard hook to watch for a "kill command" if the currently running process requires it.
Games are organized by system - each game definition has a system name. This field can be set to whatever you need to categorize your games by.

frontend-bigview.png frontend-systems.png
Big game view and system select screen

Game List config screen

Key Commands
The keys are configurable, but here are the defaults:
  • Esc - View menu
  • Arrow Keys - Navigate game/system lists
  • D - Switch to large game view/list view
  • C - Select System screen
  • A+1+2 - Terminate current game (if process hook registered).
  • All others - Launch currently selected game

Supported Emulators
Currently I am using the following emulators with the frontend:
  • MAME
  • NeoMamePlus
  • PCSX
  • Model 2 Emulator (Nebula)
  • CPS3 Emulator (Nebula)
  • Snes9x
  • VirtuaNES

The frontend is free and licensed under the GPL if you wish to make changes.

I would like to add a new user interface some day - perhaps using Windows Presentation Foundation.

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